Hardcore Love: Getting the Life, Love & Relationship You Want (BOOK-ON SALE NOW!)

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You’ve been a good person, done all the “right things.” 

You’ve gone to school. 

You have a good job. 

You have a good life, but no one to SHARE it with. 

The truth is “Luck” has nothing to do with it AND you didn’t fail at Love. 

If you find yourself single, wondering why things never work out, this book is for you.  

The “HARDCORE LOVE Philosophy,” will help you:

  • Identify your relationship issues and why you hit dead ends instead of the altar.
  • Understand your love receptors and your “7 EMOTIONAL PILLARS of Love.”  
  • Move past DESIRE and reach your relationship’s highest point.

DISCOVER the Love your Soul has yearned for your entire life. 


by D.W. Leonard

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“A must read, ladies!….”

Nriven – Amazon Books Customer

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