in black & white: david & brian

banned from amazon,
is d.w. Leonard’s new show too fire for tv???

“In Black & White: David & Brian” is an original comedy series by rebel director, D.W. Leonard. Actors David “D’Black” Roberts and Jason Crowley star in the titular roles.

in black & white: david and brian- Q&A with show creator, d.w. leonard

Due to financial hardship two men, one Black the other White, become roommates. With nothing in common and racial tension running high, can this odd couple make peace, or at least find a good pizza spot? – Comedy, satire, political commentary – Adult language and situations.

Question: Why was “In Black and White,” (IBW) banned from Amazon?

D.W. Leonard – I mentioned castration, racism, and atheism all in the pilot episode. In a tasteful way of course.

Q: What was the inspiration for IBW?

D.W. – I was always a big Norman Lear/Gary Marshall fan. They gave us honest, comedy that came out of great characters and situations. I try to do the same, with an adult slant. So it’s a little different.

Q: Aren’t you afraid that your honesty might scare some people?

D.W. – That’s the thing with comedy. You scare some people, inspire others. Lear’s, “All in the Family,” scared the crap out of people, but they came around. It’s genius.

Q: IBW isn’t exactly for children. You might have to take it to HBO or something. Is that the plan?

D.W. – Definitely. I’d love the opportunity.

Filmed on location in Queens, New York

Sandra needed one marriage proposal; she got THREE!

to get her man, sandra will become more than one woman!


i’m every woman! by d.w. leonard

Three weeks before her wedding show with Oprah, Sandra’s fiance calls it quits. With time running out and 3 crazy ex-boyfriends, can she replace him or will her moment of fame turn to shame? – PG. Romantic comedy, starring Actress Kubbi in the role of Sandra, and Mei-Lin Campbell as her trusted accomplice, Katrina Taylor.

Actress Kubbi and Mei – Lin Campbell

“What Island ya from?”
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D.W. Leonard is a writer, producer, and director from East Elmhurst, Queens. He get’s bored easily.


I’m a teacher. You can call me a writer, producer, what have you, but I teach. I write about things we SEE and don’t SAY. My goal is to teach, to entertain, to shock and provoke people into being what the creator intended: fine with being totally screwed up. If I don’t get you now, I’ll get you next time.

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What You Do? Professional Troublemaker – Love Activist

How is your work unique? It makes you say, “I don’t believe he said that.”

What is Your Sign? Dollar; just kidding I’m a Pisces.

What did you do before fame? Public school teacher; I’m used to causing pain. Don’t tell my mom I said that, she’s a teacher.


I’m Every Woman – film – director, writer, co-producer 2018

Witch is Witch – short film – 2000

In Black and White: David and Brian – Original Series – Season 1 – 2017


In Black and White – Stage play – writer-director 2015
I’m Every Woman – Stage play – writer-director 2014

What Men Want! – Stage play – writer-director 2011

Not Until We’re Married – Stage play – writer 2010

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